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Deep and meaningful analytics to empower your most important decisions.

Your Information Game-Changer

Data is invaluable when it comes to understanding our students, so why is it still so difficult to pull actionable reports? Time to remove the ambiguity, frustration, and guesswork. With the ability to run advanced reports on districts, campuses, departments, groups, and even individuals – ConexED uncovers insights that were impossible to see before. Unlock a new level of insight, with ConexED’s business intelligence dashboard.

Making Informed
Staffing Decisions

Time to turn staffing into a science. With real-time access to supply and demand – ConexED’s business intelligence dashboard allows you to know what your students are asking for, who they are asking for, and when they are asking for support.

No more understaffing or overstaffing. Using ConexED predictive analytics, you can staff to the exact level of future demand, so your institution saves money, and your students get the help they need – when they need it.

Engagement Code
Tracking & Reporting

Tired of having no visibility into where your staff is spending time, and what your students are asking for? We can help with that.

Get instant access to time spent on each reason code per campus, department, group, and staff member. One-click reporting empowers leadership by giving them full visibility into what is happening on campus so that you can be proactive at addressing larger-scale issues and initiatives to improve your student experience.

Locations and Heat Maps

Using ConexED location and heat-map index, staff members have instant access to see what day of the week students are most likely to ask for help, and for what reason, empowering them to ensure proper staffing coverage.

Know what is going to happen, before it happens.

Predictive Analytics

It’s time to flip the script.

Being reactionary in solving challenges, staffing appropriately, and understanding the institution’s economics is in the nature of the system. But it no longer needs to be this way.

ConexED predictive analytics gives you access to real-time forecasting, so you can look ahead, be proactive, and make more informed decisions.

Layering Demographics and Course Information

We don’t stop at basic engagement data. Although that information is useful, it’s only part of the story.

We believe in telling the full story, so that you can best support your students. It’s time to KNOW who your students are, what courses they’re enrolled in, and how that impacts the student experience. By layering in demographic data, course data, and engagement data – you get the full picture of your students and their journey.

We know that each student is different – and ConexED gives you the visibility to take action on those differences so that you can impact positive change.

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