Accessibility and ConexED

ConexED is 100% committed to creating accessible EdTech software that supports equitable access to education. 

Accessibility testing at every step of development ensures our user-friendly features and functions meet ADA compliance rules for people with disabilities including visual, auditory, speech, physical, cognitive, and neurological.

ConexED conforms to the WCAG 2.2 A and AA Success Criteria in all four Accessibility Principles to provide a user experience that is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. 


The ConexED standard is to be perceivable on any device with or without assistive technology. Page layouts and columns allow for a variety of display orientations, can be zoomed by 200% or higher, and the contrast ratio for normal text is 7:1 or higher. Information is presented in multiple ways and not by color, shape, size, or sound alone. 

Non-text content is adaptable. It can be changed into text, speech, or simpler language, and web page designs for presentation only can be ignored by screen readers and assistive technology.

Closed captions in the video meeting and event platforms provide an alternative to audio, and our text-to-speech technology provides another alternative that accommodates the many ways people perceive information.


ConexED is a high-touch platform, and the touch targets are at least 44 x 44 pixels and can be zoomed via a screen magnifier. The entire user interface can be controlled using the keyboard, and the multiple methods of navigation include drop down menus, links, search features, and keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts follow standard logical sequencing, and in the virtual meeting, the shortcuts can be turned off. 

Our future-forward user interface is built to accommodate users with diverse needs, backgrounds, and access points to educational services. We welcome users with a simple and pleasant interface without the use of flashing elements or blinking text. Sans serif fonts and simple layouts, meaningful titles, descriptive labels, and logical tab orders convey a clear purpose for each webpage. 

Inactivity timeouts come with options to continue or exit to allow ample time for reading or using the content. The headers used for page titles, scroll areas, and tables also create streamlined tabbing actions across the site, and on touchscreen devices, the platform is not limited to touch-only. 


ConexED’s modern, cloud-based technology is as simple and intuitive as your favorite social media or email platform. Little instruction if any is needed to navigate and locate content. Consistent page structures with a common user panel, logical tab order, prominent section headings, clear labeling, and tooltips across the platform continually supply the user with well-marked touch targets, direct pathways to support, and unified access points for the fewest clicks. 

We use Standard English as our basic language with common terminology for students and educational professionals as well as custom options for our partner schools to add their own instance’s descriptions and titles to meet their specific population’s vernacular or terminology. The primary navigation panel that can be shown or hidden and the other navigation tools and aids across the platform create a pleasant and orderly user experience.


Our in-house software developers are highly skilled and responsive to the needs of users with diverse technology competencies and alternative ways of perceiving information. Our voice-to-text and text-to-voice functions, for example, allow all video-meeting participants options for audio and text announcements. 

ConexED is accessible and usable on any device and is compatible with all the major screen readers and with current and future user agents including assistive technologies.

The Campus Anywhere Accessible by Zenbooth and ConexED goes beyond software accommodation to physical and spatial accessibility needs. An extra-wide door with no step or incline provides an easy-in, easy-out approach. 

  • 36” wide self-closing door
  • 7 x 7′ customizable room
  • 1/2” door threshold
  • 18.8” door handle

ConexED’s meeting and event platforms also offer video background blur and background images as a layer of privacy to support people with physical and spatial accessibility needs. ConexED FERPA/HIPAA compliant privacy features allow users to be where they are and still access the support they need. The user-controlled Closed Caption editing feature is another example of the way ConexED promotes autonomy for all users to enjoy equitable access to education.

A team of internal UI/UX designers conduct, for all new releases, Integrated Accessibility Testing (IAT), Tool Based Testing (TBT), Color Contrast Testing (CBT), Screen Reader Testing (SRT), Screen Magnifier Testing (SMT), and Manual Accessibility Testing (MAT). We make resolution of accessibility issues our highest development priority. We will respond to issues discovered or reported by users within one business day with a written action plan and timeframe to resolve the issues. 

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