Bringing Equity to HigherEd Through New ConexED Campus Anywhere

ConexED, a fast-growing, ed-tech company specializing in student success solutions, announced their partnership with the modern workspace design startup ROOM to produce the first ever Campus Anywhere. With the combination of ConexED technology and ROOM soundproof phone booths, the Campus Anywhere will allow equitable access to student support services wherever they are placed.

This partnership will allow ConexED and ROOM to work strategically to address a key need in education — providing all students access to support services when they need it. As a result of the “new normal” hybrid work model, sometimes the support staff with whom students need to connect with are not on campus when they need them.

Tracy Gorham, ConexED founder and CEO, believes it’s important to meet students where they are and sees the partnership with ROOM as an opportunity to meet a need that is often overlooked. 

“Student success is everyone’s success. Students who achieve their academic goals and graduation have a great positive impact on their personal lives, their family, and their community.” 

Tracy Gorham, ConexED Founder and CEO

The ConexED HUB Micro-Campus

ConexED has been in the ed-tech space since 2008 and understands that for such student demographics as adult learners, first-generation college students, low-income students, and students with disabilities, the challenges they face when a school goes remote, or faculty and staff are working remotely, increase dramatically. One of the largest concerns being equitable access to support. Some students may not have the appropriate technology at home or an internet connection, which further limits their ability to get support. Some students may need to ride public transportation just to get to campus only to find the person they need to speak to is not on campus. 

Campus Anywhere, a fully-enclosed booth, provides students with a modern meeting space that meets all FERPA and HIPAA requirements. It will give students an additional level of security knowing any interaction conducted will be kept confidential.

This partnership will include a specially designed user interface put on a Microsoft Surface Pro and securely attached to the inside of a ROOM soundproof phone booth.  The Campus Anywhere–ConexED technology inside a secure ROOM phone booth can be placed on campus or in the community so that students have access to support services whether on campus or away. Campus Anywhere booths can be placed, well, just about anywhere — campus welcome centers, satellite campuses, local libraries, or local community centers.