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ConexED provides the ability to integrate with multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) platforms creating a holistic view of a student’s history.

Integration Features & Benefits

With the ability to track every interaction prior to enrollment and through graduation, school administrators can view how much time a student is spending with any particular group or department, view notes taken during meetings to identify areas students are requesting time and services, and how those services support success and graduation, administration can allocate the appropriate resources and apply funding to those departments who need it the most.

Push and pull data into and from the ConexED appointment scheduling system, student lookup, and the Kiosk / Queuing system will ensure that all information is correct and reports will be accurate. Setting up an SIS API or a flat file import /export is necessary before moving on to the customization of your school’s private ConexED instance.

ConexED Cards embedded into any learning management system, existing webpage, Facebook or Twitter to enable instant chat sessions and face-to-face video meetings.

SIS Integration

Time to turn staffing into a science. With real-time access to supply and demand – ConexED’s business intelligence dashboard allows you to know what your students are asking for, who they are asking for, and when they are asking for support.

No more understaffing or overstaffing. Using ConexED predictive analytics, you can staff to the exact level of future demand, so your institution saves money, and your students get the help they need – when they need it.

LMS Integration

It’s time to flip the script.

Being reactionary in solving challenges, staffing appropriately, and understanding the institution’s economics is in the nature of the system. But it no longer needs to be this way.

ConexED predictive analytics gives you access to real-time forecasting, so you can look ahead, be proactive, and make more informed decisions.


ConexED uses SAML2/Shibboleth Single Sign On. Eliminates the need for individual passwords for each account and replaces them with a single set of corporate credentials. Users are able to sign on with just one set of credentials to access all of their applications and services.

• Stronger Security

• Lower IT Costs

• Safer Mobile Adoption

• Increased Productivity

• Better User Experience

Calendar Integration

Cloud-based calendar integration into Office 365, Exchange Server, Outlook and Google. ConexED integrates with most email providers making scheduling a breeze for faculty and staff to review scheduled appointments. Faculty and staff can be placed in different groups based on specific parameters such as type of service or subject type, allowing each school to provide immediate services to students and/or parents.

Improve interaction and analyze feedback through intake forms, surveys, and review forms. Real tools to measure real success and engagement to identify trends in specific demographics.

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