ConexED Zero Effort Chatbot saves staff time and institution dollars.

Pay no more than $5,000 per year and replace other hard-to-use chatbots like Ocelot, Mongoose Harmony, Watson and others.

See how ConexED Zero Effort Chatbot is the #1 Chatbot for Higher Education

Zero Effort, One Low Price

The ConexED Zero-Effort Chatbot for higher education institutions is scalable, automated, and unlimited. Put it in your LMS, your LibGuides, and your college website for 24/7 student support.

When implemented the Zero Effort Chatbot, ConexED will customize, onboard, and launch in as little as two weeks.

Because at ConexED, we believe that student success simply can’t wait.

No limitations and no canned responses!

All student services departments and pages are included in one flat rate. Customize the chatbot with your school’s branding.

Zero effort means no manual question or answer input is required. Ask the Chatbot anything, and it will instantly search every webpage and return all possible answers in keyword buttons that open right to the information wanted.

$5k versus $50k

ConexED is 1/5 of the cost of other higher education chatbots on the market. For $5,000 per year, your entire institution can take advantage of the ConexED zero-effort chatbot.

ConexED is the most bang for your buck Chatbot on the market. Period.

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