Purposed for TRIO,

Built for Success.

Too often students – especially those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, become frustrated with the process of navigating the higher education journey — resulting in confusion, lack of engagement, and eventually — that dreaded give-up point. ConexED transforms this experience into one of clarity – focused on helping students achieve more visibility and confidence in that next step, empowering them to reach their full potential.


Number of TRIO students in 2021 that used ConexED to easily visualize their milestones to see what is due next, and how to take action on it – providing true visibility into upcoming benchmarks that will result in success.


Engagements by TRIO students in 2021 looking to schedule, instant message, or even jump into video meetings with their support team — making getting help easier than ever.


Students in TRIO programs who connected with their tutors via ConexED — using the interactive whiteboard, simultaneously working through problems with the tutor, and even rewatching old sessions to study for an exam.


Interactions took place between TRIO students and their support team where they signed critical documents for admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and more.

ConexED shares the same goal as your office — making each student a TRIO alumni. Contact our team today for more information!