Tracy’s Story

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Solving problems for all students

Prior to starting ConexED, Tracy enrolled in a promising executive leadership program at Westminster College, alongside 29 other experienced and proven entrepreneurs. During her time there, Tracy was exposed to the major challenges that prevent students from having the success they expect and the support they deserve.

For the non-typical student, like those who have jobs, families, long commutes, and many other life responsibilities, it’s almost impossible to meet professors and instructors at fixed, recurring weekly times (e.g., every Monday and Wednesday at 10 am). Without access to critical services like advising, tutoring, and office hours, students are left to figure things out themselves — only widening the alarming gap of opportunity & success for students who have access, to those who don’t.

At the end of the semester, 26 out of 30 executives failed. Tracy knew that she had to do something to fix her situation but also to prevent this from happening to others. Sparked by a random conversation regarding these challenges, the concept of “knocking on their door” at the moment you need help resulted in the idea that transformed into the first ConexED product.

Fast forward 10 years

ConexED has evolved into the premier enterprise student success platform nationwide — partnering with more than 280 colleges, universities, K-12 institutions, and 1,100 tutoring centers.

Initially founded with the vision of utilizing technology to remove roadblocks for student support services, specifically for those who may not fit the average student profile – ConexED has now developed into a robust, scalable, enterprise-level technology serving the largest and most complex organizations across the globe.

Our core mission is to improve student learning outcomes by increasing student access and equity, which is at the heart and foundation of everything we do.

We look forward to continuing the pursuit of improving outcomes and impacting positive change across the world.

Together we make a difference.

Thank you for your support and allowing ConexED a seat at the table. I am deeply grateful for your personal commitment to your students and their success. In one of our HERDI sessions, I asked, “What drives College Presidents? What is their true passion?” They all said it was their students — to be able to look them in the eyes and say “Congratulations” at the graduation ceremony. Feeling your passion for students strengthens my passion. If you were able to listen to my story at one of the two HERDI dinners, you will know that I was that student who needed support in order to achieve my personal academic success and reach graduation. I needed support, not because I wasn’t capable or determined, but because sometimes you need a little guidance along the way.

And, of course, we all know there are lots of other students like me who need support as well, and getting the necessary academic support when it’s needed is often the difference between reaching graduation or falling short.

I was lucky. I made a human connection with someone who helped guide me at a time I needed it most. Not only has that encounter with another person made all the difference in my life, but it also continues to resonate with everything I do today.

What I have realized is that we are stronger together. If we come together and help each other, we will all have more success — in our schools, in our communities, and in our world.

Student success is everyone’s success.

I want to partner with you at any level that you feel is best. We can make a difference when we come together and collaborate on solutions for student success. We have a unique opportunity to create scalable and meaningful technologies that truly make a difference. My 100% ownership of ConexED enables us to work together in ways that might otherwise be impossible because we can focus fully on your students, staff, and school leadership needs. I am devoted to you as educators, as higher education leaders, and I want to be a part of the success stories your students tell.

To help the whole student, the school needs the whole campus unified as one supportive collective using one platform. Unifying the school with a single platform will simplify and improve the student experience by removing roadblocks that hinder students from accessing the support services they need when they need it. Unifying the school with a single platform will also remove redundant technologies, improve efficiency, streamline scheduling and communication, and enable the different departments and groups to function together as one to meet students where they are. 

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What is ConexED?

ConexED is a future-forward, higher education software designed to help schools meet students where they’re at. At the age of 19, Tracy walked into Salt Lake Community College with no high school diploma but knew that in order to advance and be successful she needed a college degree. 

Having never filled out a financial document or an application before, she found the application process completely overwhelming. At the brink of giving up, she found her mentor, Cindy Clark, an advisor at Salt Lake Community. Cindy Clark did more than just explain the paperwork– she walked Tracy through every step, sat in meetings with her, and helped her understand the choices that would transform the rest of her life. 

It was after this experience that Tracy pledged her life’s work to creating a system that would help give every student the same “Cindy Clark moment” that set her on the trajectory she’s on today. 

ConexED is the first Student Services Management platform of its kind.

We Believe…

… that we are so confident in our ability to unify the school and provide equitable access for all students that we can offer a money back guarantee. In fact, ConexED is the only Ed-tech platform that promises a full refund to schools who do not see the intended results after using our technology exclusively and replacing the listed features across the entire campus in every student service department and group.

Let’s partner, we can do this together and the future is calling.