SWC Finds Success Using Their ‘Cranium’ for Student Services

A laptop screen, iPad and mobile phone showing different parts of the ConexED software

Southwestern College finds ConexED a profound outreach aid When a unique disaster hit California in 2020 that no one was prepared for, Andre Harris and fellow Southwestern College leaders came to their students’ rescue by unleashing their Cranium. ConexED, formerly known as Cranium Café, is Southwestern’s newly adopted comprehensive student-support software platform, an educational technology … Read more

Food Insecurity Crisis Being Combatted with Solutions from Ed Tech

There’s officially a crisis of food insecurity plaguing college students, and it’s on the rise nationally, with some 3 out of 5 students going hungry and being pushed closer to the dropout edge. Yet as bad as the news looks, there are solutions out there — and California is leading the way by investing in … Read more

Four Fast Facts About California’s New Basic Needs Program and How It Strengthens the Golden State’s HigherEd Safety Net

After nearly 3 years of pandemic fallout, the Golden State of California has created the Basic Needs program which has the potential to serve struggling students in the most relevant way possible. First, the bad news. Not only are students struggling to navigate the challenges of higher education, but they’re also dealing with some of … Read more