Education’s impact on the environment

Add to RSS Feed A poll conducted by National Public Radio found that 86% of surveyed teachers felt climate change should be part of the contemporary student curriculum. However, less than half of teachers actively taught climate change due to a lack of materials, fear of complaining parents, and the absence of laws requiring them … Read more

Teacher appreciation week

Add to RSS Feed Showing appreciation to educators—enter to win a new lounge! Teacher Appreciation Week is a celebration of the hardworking educators across the country. ConexED is extending our appreciation by offering two schools/campus departments the chance to win a teacher lounge makeover. We value the dedicated educators across the nation who are continually … Read more

Contemporary connections can be challenging

Add to RSS Feed Ongoing advancements in technology have allowed humans to connect more now than at any other point in history. Constantly surrounded by screens, we have the ability to text, call, video, and read up on just about anyone, whether overseas or in an adjacent area code. But how meaningful are these connections? … Read more

The impact of case management on graduation

Add to RSS Feed View our April webinar with Dr. Melody Pickle For K-12 and higher education, case management is now an integral part of a student’s experience. The ability to track students throughout their academic journeys allows instructors, faculty, and staff to ensure academic success. Without a tool to help students succeed, many are … Read more

Challenges of remote learning for students in special education

Add to RSS Feed Established special education systems and language programs are mandatory on campuses nationwide, but the same level of support is not available online. As a result, during the pandemic, 7 million children across America with special needs were incapable of connecting to the trained specialists who once assisted them on a day-to-day … Read more

Learning the ABCs of Relief Plan acronyms

CARES Act, ESSER & HEERF, CRRSAA, ESSER II & HEERF II and now the ARP Act. We work with educators on a daily basis and that’s a lot of acronyms for even us to understand. How do these relief packages really help K-12 and institutions of higher education? Let’s break it down and see what it means … Read more

Ways to Fight Video Call Fatigue​

In today’s increasingly virtual world, video chats have become as commonplace as the in-person interactions that preceded them. Classrooms, work meetings, friendly hangouts and family get-togethers have all moved online, replacing chairs with digital squares like the Brady Bunch. Even the term “face-to-face” has evolved, no longer requiring that people meet in the same physical … Read more