SWC Finds Success Using Their ‘Cranium’ for Student Services

A laptop screen, iPad and mobile phone showing different parts of the ConexED software

Southwestern College finds ConexED a profound outreach aid When a unique disaster hit California in 2020 that no one was prepared for, Andre Harris and fellow Southwestern College leaders came to their students’ rescue by unleashing their Cranium. ConexED, formerly known as Cranium Café, is Southwestern’s newly adopted comprehensive student-support software platform, an educational technology … Read more

Food Insecurity Crisis Being Combatted with Solutions from Ed Tech

There’s officially a crisis of food insecurity plaguing college students, and it’s on the rise nationally, with some 3 out of 5 students going hungry and being pushed closer to the dropout edge. Yet as bad as the news looks, there are solutions out there — and California is leading the way by investing in … Read more

WSU Tech Expands their Educational Equity Footprint by Purchasing Campus Anywhere Booths

Wichita State University – Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology has taken a big step towards addressing student equity on their campus. This fall the university will strategically place five Campus Anywhere booths around campus to increase student access to support departments. These booths provide students with a safe place to engage in high-touch interactions … Read more

Four Fast Facts About California’s New Basic Needs Program and How It Strengthens the Golden State’s HigherEd Safety Net

After nearly 3 years of pandemic fallout, the Golden State of California has created the Basic Needs program which has the potential to serve struggling students in the most relevant way possible. First, the bad news. Not only are students struggling to navigate the challenges of higher education, but they’re also dealing with some of … Read more

Bringing Equity to HigherEd Through New ConexED Campus Anywhere

ConexED, a fast-growing, ed-tech company specializing in student success solutions, announced their partnership with the modern workspace design startup ROOM to produce the first ever Campus Anywhere. With the combination of ConexED technology and ROOM soundproof phone booths, the Campus Anywhere will allow equitable access to student support services wherever they are placed. This partnership … Read more

The Equity Issues in Higher Education

Earning a college degree is challenging. For those individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly those who are first-generation college students, the barriers are even greater. Just trying to navigate the complex nature of higher education can be overwhelming.  With little to no support from home, these students often struggle trying to connect with the right person … Read more

American River College Uses ConexED as a Tool for Promoting Equity in Education — Guest Post by Joshua Moon Johnson

Dean of Student Services and Title IX Coordinator at American River College   I grew up in a small town in Mississippi, and I loved education for some reason. However, I was intimidated and insecure in educational environments since I came from a working poor family and my parents couldn’t really help me navigate educational … Read more

ConexED Business Intelligence Dashboard

  Introducing the ConexED Business Intelligence Dashboard Because predictive data analytics technology has been around for nearly a decade, the technology is antiquated at best, and with Covid-19 creating uncertainty throughout the entirety of modern campus life, the demand for new technology is paramount for student support services. To better address these concerns, ConexED introduces … Read more

Returning to Campus Amidst Covid-19

The Pandemic’s continuing impact on education As campuses across the country gear up for fall semester, uncertainty looms with COVID-19 cases once again on the rise. Witnessing the toll that remote education has had on many students throughout the pandemic, school administrators hope to prevent further learning loss and provide additional mental health support. However, … Read more

The Continuing Case of College Dropouts and the Murky Middle Demographic

One of the most alarming trends in higher education is a growing concern among college administrators nationwide: increasing college dropout rates. Data shows that 40% of newly enrolled first-year college freshmen drop out before graduation. Even students who involuntarily stop going to college for a single semester have only a 30% chance of coming back … Read more

Increasing Student Success through Social-Emotional Learning

  Witnessing the value of social-emotional learning (SEL) over the course of the last decade, SEL has quickly become the topic of online education discussion groups, teaching manuals and scholastic articles the world over. As the name suggests, SEL is the process through which students learn to identify and manage feelings and emotions, both individually … Read more