Virtual Meeting, Lobby, and Event Spaces for Educational Institutions

At ConexED, a higher education software company, we believe that when it comes to students, one size does not fit all, so we do not have just one virtual conferencing platform; we have a Virtual Office, an Event Space, and a Virtual Lobby.

Designed for student equity and engagement, ConexED’s virtual spaces for higher education are ADA conformant, high-touch platforms that are mobile responsive, so students can access and attend a virtual meeting on any device.

FERPA-Compliant Drop-In Meetings

ConexED’s virtual office was built for private, one-on-one FERPA-compliant meetings in which students have a safe space where they can communicate freely, and Faculty/Staff have the tools they need to appropriately accommodate and document each student meeting. Inside the Virtual Office, staff can access a student’s Appointment Details and enter and instantly sync all student meeting notes and documentation. 

A student can initiate a FERPA-Compliant meeting in two primary ways:

Connect through Knock on Door – In ConexED, every Faculty/Staff member has their own ConexED Card that students can access in the Student Support Directory or wherever the Card is embedded: LMS, Webpage, Email… The Card has a Knock on Door button that initiates a Chat that can instantly turn into a private video meeting with tools for sharing, editing, and signing documents.

Connect through the Virtual Lobby – The Virtual Lobby replicates an on-campus waiting area outside the virtual office. Students access the Lobby via a direct URL or by being sent there from a ConexED Card Chat, a Virtual Office Meeting, or another Virtual Lobby. Inside the Lobby, a staff member can instantly start a private meeting with a student. 

More Than a Virtual Queue: The Lobby Offers School Faculty/Staff a Private Place to Chat

Students who need assistance can enter a student service group’s Virtual Lobby and connect with an available school staff member. Staff triage each situation by pulling them into a virtual one-on-one meeting or by connecting them with the right staff person and then providing more students with assistance.

The Virtual Lobby serves as a collaborative space that allows group chat, private chat, reason codes, student profile lookup, and forwarding students to other student service Lobbies. Lobby chats can even be saved as meetings for reporting and documentation.

A Moderator Chat in every Lobby allows Faculty, Staff, and Front Desk Agents to communicate privately with each other and use keystrokes to create links directly to chats with students or other Lobbies. Every staff member also has a Personal Lobby where students added to group meetings can wait for the meeting to begin.

Scheduled One-on-One and Group Meetings 

Students access their scheduled meetings right on their Dashboard or View Meetings tab in ConexED. Automated email and SMS meeting reminders also provide students their virtual appointment information and unique meeting URL that opens directly to the virtual office space.

Students can self-schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting, or staff can schedule small group meetings for dynamic and interactive tutoring sessions, peer group work, and to accommodate students who attend meetings with an interpreter, note-taker, or parent.

Built for Educational Institutions

Inside ConexED virtual office and event spaces, school staff can access their personal and group Document Libraries, create unlimited sharable whiteboards with document signing capabilities, and use collaboration tools such as polls, screen sharing, and our Google Doc integration.

Virtual Classroom and Event Space

Designed for larger gatherings, the customizable Virtual Event Space includes audio and video as well as breakout rooms with persistent presence, which allows the moderator’s video feed to be visible in all breakout rooms to increase accountability and engagement. In addition, the moderator can view all breakout room whiteboard activity in one location. Events in this virtual meeting space may also be recorded for future use. Unlimited video recording data storage allows for automatic archiving. 

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