SMS Text and Instant Messaging for Higher Education Institutions

High-touch SMS text and instant messaging to students has never been more efficient or secure than with the ConexED school communication platform.

SMS Text Messaging with ConexED

ConexED’s free and unlimited SMS text messaging feature allows communications to send school-wide, drilled down to cohort, or even to a specific student. Staff can easily send out appointment reminders, early alerts, and queuing notifications from their ConexED platform. We will never limit our partners on how many SMS messages they can send out and never nickel and dime per message. Our SMS text messaging feature is entirely customizable for any school’s needs.

Instant Messaging

ConexED’s Instant Messaging feature integrates within school websites and any Learning Management System (LMS). School staff can send a chat to another moderator or someone in a virtual lobby and retain their chat history for future use.

Within the virtual lobby, instant messaging is also available for a private chat, group chat, or with another internal staff member. Our instant chat puts the power back into the hands of the staff member, allowing them to share information and updates by forwarding conversations to other staff members and enabling them to even send chats while offline. 

The ConexED SMS text messaging and instant chat features make staff’s day-to-day more efficient and productive by empowering them to communicate with each other and their students.

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