Student Case Management & CRM for Higher Education

ConexED Student Case Management and CRM software for educational institutions focuses on giving students the roadmap they need to own their collegiate journey.

Personalized Student Dashboard

The Personalized student dashboard sets students up for success with custom Milestones and a Student-Facing Dashboard for dynamically tracking their progress in real-time and engaging with their support network.

The Unlimited and Fully-Customizable Onboarding Registration Form

allows students equitable access to every opportunity they deserve while automating the process of placing them in the appropriate cohorts, adding the specific program staff to each student’s Support Network, and generating the exact Milestones needed to guide and engage the student from onboarding to completion. 

A Milestone can be a Document Whiteboard with a Digital Signature tool. The student clicks open the Whiteboard, signs the document, and it is automatically emailed to the staff member assigned to that milestone and saved in the student’s Document Library. Appointment Milestones include a button that opens the staff member’s scheduler. A Video Milestone can be watched without ever leaving the page! 

With automated SMS and email notifications, a shared staff Document Library, Progress Alerts, unlimited customizable Early Alerts, custom student IDs, Student Success Scores, and Key Performance Indicators, the ConexED Case Management and CRM creates an effortless and agile process for staff and administrators within a responsive platform built for human connection and engagement. 

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