ConexED is your one-stop shop for student success.

Being accessible, available, and in relevant areas where students are looking for help is the most impactful way to drive engagement, and ensure students get the help they need, when they need it.

ConexED cards are the most impactful way to interact with your students when they are looking for support. Whether it’s instant chat, “knocking” on your virtual door, scheduling a meeting, or registering for an event – your ConexED cards allow you to engage with students in the way that best sets them up for success.

Modern Case Management and CRM

ConexED Student Case Management and CRM software for educational institutions focuses on giving students the roadmap they need to own their collegiate journey.

Appointment Scheduling

ConexED cloud-based higher education appointment scheduling software is designed for seamless coordination of appointments held virtually, by phone, or on-campus. 

Virtual Meeting, Lobby, and Event Spaces

Designed for student equity and engagement, ConexED’s virtual spaces for higher education are ADA conformant, high-touch platforms that are mobile responsive, so students can access and attend a virtual meeting on any device.

SMS Text & Chat Messaging

High-touch SMS text and instant messaging to students has never been more efficient or secure than with the ConexED school communication platform.

Campus Anywhere and Kiosk Solutions

Placing in community centers, recruitment events, satellite campuses, or just in the library – the Campus Anywhere acts as a space where students know the support they need is just through the door.

Zero-Effort Chatbot

The ConexED Zero-Effort Chatbot for higher education institutions is scalable, automated, and unlimited. Put it in your LMS, your LibGuides, and your college website for 24/7 student support.

Accessibility and ConexED

ConexED conforms to the WCAG 2.2 A and AA Success Criteria in all four Accessibility Principles to provide a user experience that is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. 

ConexED Business Intelligence

No more understaffing or overstaffing. Using ConexED predictive analytics, you can staff to the exact level of future demand, so your institution saves money, and your students get the help they need – when they need it.


ConexED provides the ability to integrate with multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) — platforms creating a holistic view of a student’s history.


ConexED takes student information protection very seriously. No one will have access to, nor will any information be disclosed from, a student educational record without the written consent of the student.