Student Services Communications Platform

K-12’s lifeline to student support services

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms and logins and reduce roadblocks for both students and parents by providing an all-in-one solution that supports in-person, virtual or hybrid student support services and instructional support. 

ConexED’s academic communication system (ACS) supports K-12 school therapists, tutors, faculty and staff to provide services and resources that ensure the success, health and well-being of all students.

K-12 student support services




Social and emotional learning (SEL) affects the lives of students, parents, instructors and the larger community in meaningful ways that improve relationships and societies as a whole. SEL doesn’t happen overnight, however, schools and parents that have chosen to prioritize SEL principles have identified numerous positive outcomes that arise over time. 

ConexED’s ACS is geared toward bridging the gap between students and support services and reducing barriers to support meaningful connections that really matter at the time its needed the most. Remove roadblocks by allowing students to meet from any location and any device all with full FERPA and HIPAA compliance, protecting students’ information and identities.

Stay open with contact tracing made easy and help keep your students, instructors, faculty and staff safe.

ConexED’s scheduling system was engineered to provide scalable appointment settings. The total flexibility of our system empowers institutions to use with limitless possibilities across any school’s student support ecosystem. With ConexED, students and staff can self-register for surveillance testing. 

When the virus was entering its peak in Fall 2020, ConexED teamed up with Cayuga Community College in New York to streamline key processes within their reopening plan. By implementing ConexED’s enterprise ACS as part of their required COVID-19 surveillance testing, Cayuga simplified labor-intensive tracking and scheduling practices, allowing them to reopen with even greater confidence. ConexED became an integral part of Cayuga’s routine, on-campus precautions.

ConexED’s platform is designed to offer support services in many different quick-connect tools such as instant chat messaging and video office appointments, without having to download or install any software. With one click, a student can talk face-to-face with a mental health counselor or wellness administrator associated with their school. 

More importantly, we can track and report on when, where, what device, how long, and who the student connected with, giving leadership the ability to offer more effective, high-touch connections to their students who need it the most.

ConexED recreates the classroom, not the boardroom. Our technology was built in partnership with the Mathnasium tutoring system. We have carefully developed a virtual classroom platform that connects students to each other and instructor/tutor, while keeping everyone safe. 

ConexED’s classroom technology has top-level moderator controls that give the instructor full control of their learning session. Students can choose to join virtually or in-person. The ConexED classroom scheduling and video meeting software is designed to be a blended learning environment.

Group breakout rooms are built for students with all types of ability levels and of all ages. Easy-to-use whiteboard capabilities were created to foster student collaboration and provide a high-touch environment for group projects while keeping students and instructors safe. Instructors and tutors have the ability to view sessions in real-time without disrupting work sessions. Our breakout rooms moderator dashboard provides tools to reinforce learning and accountability.

Students missing speech therapy sessions while developing language skills, might affect them negatively throughout their lives. It is crucial for children to receive speech therapy as soon as it has been discovered.  

ConexED’s case management system allows speech therapists to manage their student caseload and set milestones for each student, guiding them through their customized therapy sessions. Our case management tools are designed for tracking screenings, assessments, cross-advication with other support groups in the school system. Tracking and reporting ensures students complete goals, furthering their future success.

Tutoring and library resource centers are one of the most important services groups in a school system, however, it can be increasingly difficult for students to connect in meaningful ways with this group. ConexED is structured to allow every student direct access to these student support services using one ACS system. The ConexED Student Dashboard offers a page with direct contact to the student’s support network through customized teacher and staff member ConexED Card. These cards allow the perceived presence of the teachers, tutors, wellness advisors with built-in scheduling, instant chat messaging and classroom registration functions.  

The ConexED student support network is tailored around a specific student population, grade level and/or learning path. The student will see the instructor and staff ConexED cards that are assigned to them reducing confusion of who to contact, how to reach them and their availability (virtual or in-person) meeting options. ConexED is the student lifeline to their support services.

A parent-teacher conference ensures the success of students. Teachers can share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, share testing data, assessments, portfolios and assignments. Parents/guardians can be better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors and learning styles through these one-on-one meetings.

ConexED’s platform allows parents to easily schedule and join a meeting from any location, increasing parent/guardian attendance. Not only can they join virtually or schedule an in-person meeting, our solution accommodates a blended approach, allowing participants to join either in-person or virtually reducing the chance of no-shows or cancellations.

ConexED is the most dynamic scheduling system on the market. ConexED’s ACS is specifically built for education, providing much needed health services, can be scheduled through our system and reassure staff and leadership that these resources are in fact going to students and even to the right more specific student. Using the school’s single sign-on coupled with our case management system, students who are approved to receive health services can easily access without barriers.

Leadership and staff members can report who registered to pick up a school lunch, by a specific time slot, report no shows, analyze the type of food requested to help identify nutritional needs such as gluten-free and vegetarian requests and easily view how many lunches were distributed. Reports can easily be integrated into the customizable reporting dashboard for quick access. Additionally, your team can support students more efficiently and identify students who may be struggling by monitoring who did not pick up lunch. These key data points offer more serious health and emotional wellness flags for students. Go beyond providing lunch and save students’ lives.

When students are faced with several different scheduling systems, different video meeting platforms, and multiple chat messaging services across one campus, it can cause confusion and frustration and may result in unforeseen communication barriers for students. 

Offer one, campus-wide ACS to connect students directly to all support services. Using a unified ACS built specifically for education, ensures protection and security for students, staff and instructors. 

Unify counseling, health services, tutoring, career advising, and instructors into one, easy-to-use platform and remove communication barriers and frustration students face with multiple scheduling and meeting platforms.

High school transition and career counseling is a pivotal part of every high school student’s journey after graduation. These counseling sessions are designed to evaluate students’ abilities and interests through assessments and interviews. Historically, the counseling sessions were provided through a series of in-person meetings. In today’s environment, it’s been increasingly difficult for students to have this much needed student service resource. 

ConexED bridges the gap between student and counselor. Self-scheduling or clicking the instant messaging features can allow open virtual office hour walk-ins, allowing students to get help from any location on any device without having to download or install software. 

Counselors can walk students through degree planning virtually and in-person. Intake forms, end of meeting surveys and staff review forms are integrated into the ConexED scheduling system providing much meeting data and personalized feedback/follow up. Reporting on all of this data is easy with ConexED’s customizable reporting dashboard as a graphical widget.

The option for high school students to earn regular and lower-division college credit can be a catalyst into earning a two year associate’s degree within a short period of time. Saving students and their families a considerable amount of tuition. 

ConexED bridges the gap between student and advisor. Self-scheduling or clicking the instant messaging features can allow open virtual office hour walk-ins, allowing students to get help from any location on any device without having to download or install software.

Advisors can walk students through degree planning sessions both virtually and in-person.  Intake forms, end of meeting surveys and staff review forms are integrated into the ConexED scheduling system providing much needed meeting data and a personalized feedback/follow up loop. Accessing data is easy through ConexED’s customizable reporting dashboard.

Through ConexED’s student dashboard, students can schedule a device or computer for checkout. The system will allow students to log into their ConexED student dashboard and select a device to checkout and a specific time to pick up the device making the transition safe. 

The ConexED equipment inventory system is fully trackable and offers reporting on data such as which student checked out the item, how long the item was checked out for and when the item was returned, reducing the need to manage inventory manually.

Stay open with contact tracing made easy and help keep your students, instructors, faculty and staff safe.

ConexED recreates the classroom, not the boardroom.

A student services platform for any environment

Unified student support for all
on-campus and virtual students.

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