Student Services Management Platform

Onboarding to completion that ensures the successful enrollment to graduation for all students regardless of ability or location.

ConexED Campus Anywhere and Kiosk

The ConexED Campus Anywhere bridges the gap between virtual and on-premise environments by standardizing how students interact with their support staff, removing ambiguity and streamlining their path to positive engagements.

Students can easily check in to appointments, join live queues & lobbies, schedule new meetings, launch into a 1:1 video meeting, or even instantly chat with their support staff.

One streamlined process for thousands of types of engagements. Also available in a larger accessible size.

Student Services Management Platform

The first all-in-one success platform, empowering students to connect with the right person, at the exact time they need help, in the way that works best for them. ConexED removes roadblocks, and simplifies success.

Streamline “busy work” for staff by automating redundant tasks – meaning less time spent on low-priority work, so you can focus on what’s important — your students.

Empower leadership with deep insights into what’s happening on campus and virtually, so you can make informed decisions rooted in data, to impact positive change.

ConexED Business Intelligence Dashboard

Gone are the days of guessing, cobbling together fragmented systems, and hoping that you make the right decisions.

The ConexED business intelligence dashboard provides robust analytics and curated insights so that leadership teams have true visibility into engagement, demographics, and actions that result in success.

Get instant access to actionable reports that meet the institutes, state, and federal standards. Intelligent insights, delivered.

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