Student Services Communications Platform

One system for all your higher education needs

Eliminate redundancies, improve efficiencies and lower your costs with the first academic communication system (ACS) built specifically for education. With the ConexED dynamic platform, you can; manage and schedule office appointments, maintain classroom and event scheduling, chat, use SMS text notifications, create custom intake forms, track attendance, schedule virtual meetings and provide a feedback loop through end of meeting surveys. 

Streamline your academic communications with the ConexED comprehensive web-based platform making accessibility easy from anywhere on any device. Generate reports to empower administrators and leadership to make better business decisions and allocate resources where they’re most needed. Real-time data is at your fingertips with the most sophisticated ACS ever built. 

Increase connections between both instructors and support service staff to all students, and student engagement and faculty advising, regardless of ability or location.

Studies have shown that one of the major challenges for students is simply getting answers they need in a quick and easy manner. Often times the process of finding a solution or speaking to someone on campus is cumbersome and daunting. ConexED tools and resources can be placed anywhere: your website, your LMS, your Facebook page, Twitter account or anywhere else students are going as they seek answers to questions they have. ConexED allows you to increase student engagement through increasing availability, improving efficiency of communication and provides many other tools that focus on improving student outcomes.

Support multiple learning models

Why use multiple systems for scheduling, chat and video conferencing, when you can use an all-in-one platform built with FERPA and HIPAA security in mind? Virtual, in-person and blended options are fully customizable by department or student support service to fit every instructor, faculty staff member’s needs.

Increase instructor and staff connections with students

Increase student engagement by providing easy tools and resources to enable your faculty and staff to focus on improving student outcomes. Integrate ConexED into any online location—such as your school’s website, Facebook page, Twitter accounts and learning management system—your students use to connect to your school.

Whether on campus or virtual, with the ConexED collaborative and interactive Lobby features, administration and staff members can help students immediately. Students can enter a lobby and wait for the next available counselor or advisor during set office hours. Administrators within the lobby can chat with a student for faster resolution or send them to another lobby for additional assistance, resolving questions immediately! 

Empower students for greater success with early alerts

Our ACS collaboration and meeting data offers administrators more insight to which student support services are being utilized. Our case management system is the future of early alerts, with accountability milestone pathways plus high-touch notifications to provide students immediate support with one-click. 

Customize settings based on each department’s needs from admissions, to financial aid and everything in between.

ConexED cards

Instantly connect with students through chat and email, schedule a face-to-face meeting, or enable registration for an in-person or virtual webinar/class with ConexED cards. ConexED cards can be embedded into any learning management system, existing webpage, and on social media, allowing you to connect with students when it’s convenient for both of you. Students can chat or “knock” on your door during set office hours or they can send you an email if you’re not available.

ConexED integrates with Google, Microsoft Outlook, Office365, and Exchange Server making scheduling a breeze. Whether in-person or virtually, a meeting can be created on the fly allowing a participant to connect from anywhere on any device. Track student success with every interaction even before enrollment and all the way through graduation with ConexED cards.

Streamline case management across your entire school

ConexED case management and tracking software provides you with the ability to monitor specific data points for each learning path. Customize cohorts by department to better set expectations and accountability for each individual student. Create milestones for each cohort with a gamification interface for students to celebrate their successes. Students have access to a custom dashboard to have greater understanding of their learning pathway, dates assigned to each milestone and better accountability mechanisms to increase greater academic achievements.

Data made easy with customizable dashboards

The demand on administrators to provide transparency and data has dramatically increased. Data-driven analytics are now the new norm to gain support and funding from state legislators and grant providers. the ConexED customizable dashboard allows you to make informed decisions through visual representation. Self-generated query reporting with multiple download options can provide instant data on the entire school, selected departments or groups, individual instructors, staff members or individual students.

Dashboard widgets can be customized to offer a graphical user interface to show quick stats and data for an entire district or school. Data can even be drilled down to a specific group or support service to analyze data such as, reason code for all student services appointments, wellness programs, number of video meetings, number of instant chat messages, classroom attendance and can even gauge a student’s mood with a personalized emotion setting. Possibilities are endless with the ConexED multi-purpose platform.

A student services platform for any environment

Unified student support for all
on-campus and virtual students.

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