Student Services Communications Platform

Empowering instructors and staff with technology to help students succeed

Administrators, instructors and staff are under more pressure now more than ever supporting even more students across multiple learning channels. The ConexED all-in-one platform streamlines communication and workflows to scale up or down for any type of location or environment (online or on-campus). The case management and scheduling systems connect students with instructors and staff at a moment’s notice.

Student accountability and tracking tools provide increased visibility going above and beyond a scheduled meeting spending time looking through archived emails. Staff members and instructors can determine milestones, create group announcements and increase touch points through the ConexED platform. Every touch point is documented, saved and easily reportable, streamlining your communication tools.

ConexED’s all-in-one platform supports:
Virtual and on-premise interactions, Integrated scheduling, notifications, case management, and reporting.

Technology to support multiple meeting options

The ConexED platform offers instructors and staff to have full control and power over their office hours, allowing them to decide when, where and who to meet with. ConexED’s platform provides a virtual office with the ability to instant message and replicate an in-person, walk-in appointment. The virtual office space connects to ConexED’s sophisticated scheduling system to empower students to self-schedule a meeting with just a few clicks. Meetings can quickly change to support in-person meetings or move to virtual without having to update a thing.

Scheduling made easy

The ConexED cloud-based scheduling system integrates with Office 365, Exchange Server, Outlook and Google, allowing instructors and staff to manage one calendar. The sophisticated system eliminates the chance of being double-booked. With our appointment reminders, students can stay connected and on time, reducing the need to update your schedule. 

Enhance your virtual classroom experience

Our web-based, large classroom technology was specifically designed to replicate in-person instruction — not the boardroom. The communication and collaboration tools inside the ConexED classroom technology keep participants engaged by providing continuous learning throughout each instructor, tutor or large event virtual activity. 

We designed every entry point, feature and collaboration tool to be FERPA and HIPAA compliant and fully accessible for all learning levels and abilities. Protecting and securing all participants’ identities and information is a top priority.

Easy in-person support services

ConexED’s comprehensive ACS solution also provides in-person services through on-site kiosks. By providing a self-service kiosk, students can check-in without faculty or staff being present. ConexED’s solution is hardware agnostic. We can provide a custom URL specific to each school and location as the “check-in” page. 

The kiosk queuing system is integrated with the scheduling platform, virtual office and virtual classroom technologies. Instructors and staff can offer a hybrid solution for any event, class, or office hours when using a unified ACS. By tracking and recording appointments, school administration can allocate the appropriate resources needed to help students succeed.

A student services platform for any environment

Unified student support for all
on-campus and virtual students.

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