Student Services Management Platform

ConexED is your one-stop shop for student success.

Being accessible, available, and in relevant areas where students are looking for help is the most impactful way to drive engagement, and ensure students get the help they need, when they need it.

ConexED cards are the most impactful way to interact with your students when they are looking for support. Whether it’s instant chat, “knocking” on your virtual door, scheduling a meeting, or registering for an event – your ConexED cards allow you to engage with students in the way that best sets them up for success.

Modern Case Management

“Early alerts” and staff-only facing tools keep students in the dark until it’s too late. Case Management for the modern student is the new standard.

ConexED’s Case Management suite focuses on giving students the visibility and access they need to own their journey through our student-facing dashboards and actions – allowing them to dynamically track their progress in real-time and submit requests to the relevant team member.

With customizable milestones, bulk cohort messaging, and our take on “early alerts”, students can proactively address each step and be confident that success is right around the corner.

Dynamic Scheduling

ConexED uncomplicates scheduling by automating times that work best for you and your students – avoiding scheduling conflicts by using real-time calendar integrations and preventing no-shows with automatic SMS reminders.

Forget the painful days of emailing back and forth to coordinate. Empower your students with self-scheduling, removing hassles and interruptions – so you can do more of what you do best.

Virtual Lobby

The ConexED Virtual Lobby recreates the true “one-stop-shop” for student support services. A seamless workflow can be done without the student navigating to a different page. 

Imagine a student instantly meeting with an admission coordinator in the ConexED video meeting space — then sent to the financial aid office’s Virtual Lobby and from there, brought into their private video space — then seamlessly sent to the advising and counseling office’s Virtual Lobby where they can meet instantly in their video space. All while staying in the same webpage and never needing to download or install software. 

All documentation done within each meeting space is transferred to the next student services staff member which allows the most efficient method of student enrollment process that’s ever been developed. 

Virtual Meetings

Virtual engagements can be just as impactful as in-person meetings… with the right tools.

ConexED’s virtual meeting environment has been built with students, staff, and collaboration top of mind – allowing students and staff to sign documents, workshop problems on our whiteboards, jump into breakout rooms, and even collect feedback in real-time using polls and surveys.

Meet in the way that best works for your students, without sacrificing impact.


Instant Messaging

Chat-bot? How about “chat-not?” Human-to-human connection is more important than ever, using ConexED’s live chat, your team can personalize the conversation in real-time by understanding who the student is without toggling to multiple systems.

Teams can now convert chats to meetings, warm-handoff students to the best staff member for their situation, or send students to virtual lobbies with moderators.