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Read on to see how our amazing clients use our solutions to solve their on and off-campus problems. You will find that ConexED comes fully-featured “out of the box.” Our core mission is to improve student outcomes by increasing student access and equity using a high-touch platform that focuses on getting students the help they need, when they need it most. Read on to see how our partner institutions have bridged their equity gaps in student engagement and see how our more intuitive and creative partners have used our software for tracking and monitoring COVID-19 immunizations, health and wellness regimes, and even computer inventory management!

Case Studies

University of Pennsylvania and ConexED

The University of Pennsylvania has one of the largest athletic departments in the entire country. The Sports Performance department serves between 950 and 1,050 athletes per year, with 33 teams covered, and a staff of about 20 practitioners (give or take) who are charged with the massive undertaking of focusing on each student-athlete’s individualized needs.

Learn how The University of Pennsylvania solved the challenge of complex scheduling, meeting, and intake forms with ConexED.

Florida Polytechnic University

The Vice Provost of Florida Polytechnic University noticed the many redundant technologies they utilize on their campus was creating many roadblocks for students who were confused with which systems to use to get the help they needed. Additionally, it was difficult for staff to track and report on student engagement with fragmented systems that did not connect to cultivate a shared data experience. 

Learn how Florida Polytechnic University better streamlined their services and communication methods with our unified platform, and how our many integrations allowed them more time to ensure the success of their students. 

Fletcher Technical Community College

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Fletcher Technical Community College, like most schools, had to scramble to move operations online. Students who were suddenly removed from the campus saw that support services were bewildered and overwhelmed.

Learn how Fletcher was able to implement ConexED within a few weeks and solve the obstacles students and staff faced when navigating multiple platforms, and how these were eliminated by streamlining support services into one robust system.

Sandhills Community College, Lamar State College & Peralta Community College District

Letters of Recommendation

Peralta Community College District, Sandhills Community College and Lamar State College all love ConexED so much they each authored letters of recommendation to any institution researching the benefits of our platform.

Southwestern College

Student Experience

ConexED has been great for onboarding potential students. We had a student who had just graduated high school and needed assistance. We were closed due to the pandemic but the student was able to join the Virtual Welcome Center (ConxeED Lobby). There they were able to speak to an outreach staff member and receive the information they needed. We were also able to seamlessly send them to another department using the system and they were able to speak to a counselor immediately afterward. We would not have been able to create a warm handoff for students using email or zoom rooms. Being able to create a seamless experience helped alleviate the sudden closure we had to experience.

Staff Experience

The data integration with our SIS is also extremely useful. In one instance we had a student make contact with our admissions department, and through the chat a staff member was able to gauge that the student may be in crisis. They offered to transfer the student to our Mental Health Department and the student accepted. The student was able to speak to a mental health representative but unfortunately disconnected. Staff were able to pull the student information from their login and were able to make contact with the student.

Henry Flores

Data Software Specialist — School of Counseling & Student Support Programs at Southwestern Community College

Barstow Community College

Student Experience

I had a transfer student who used our self-service appointment scheduling system in Cranium Café to book her own counseling appointment on a Saturday night. That Wednesday, I was meeting with her for the scheduled appointment and I was able to provide her with the needed Prerequisite Validation Form for CHEM 2B for SPRING 2022. Not only was she  able to register in time to take the course for the 2nd 9 weeks of the semester, but she received valuable and time-sensitive transfer information that she needed to apply to SDSU’s nursing program. The student mentioned how easy it was for her to schedule the appointment and how quickly she was able to receive the help she needed. She was very grateful for the assistance, information, and efficiency.

Staff Experience

I had another student, who came to the online counseling drop-in times in  Cranium Café for counseling a week after the start of the SPRING 2022 semester. She was currently attending Sacramento State pursuing her bachelor’s in Kinesiology and was in need of an anatomy course. Due to getting prompt assistance she was able to get the needed assessment test scores inputted into our system, obtain an add code for the course, and successfully register for an 18-week BIOL 4 (Human Anatomy) course at Barstow Community College.

Tanesha Young (She/Her/Ella)

Dean of Counseling and Student Success
Barstow Community College

Las Positas College

Student Experience

I worked with a returning student this week, who had taken a 6-year break, now a full-time mom to 2 children under 4 and deciding to slowly pursue nursing prerequisites. She was in awe of the online platform access that we were offering @ LPC Counseling and how easy it was to reach out about her questions. We broke the ice with a few giggles about the background play room she was sitting in, which offered the only table space she could watch “everything” from, and how comfortable she felt reviewing documents on the whiteboard, downloading the major change request form through the chat, and the share screen function in reviewing her Degree works progress in her general ed areas – all while holding her toddler.  This is 1 student who appreciated the access and functionality, from the comforts of her home.

Staff Experience

One of my online students before spring break (Last week), was a 1st gen student, had her parents next to her on the screen who were monolingual Spanish-speaking, and wanted to sit in on the visit. With permission from the student, we all met together to discuss major options @ LPC that she could pursue, and how to apply and get started. Having online counseling access for our non-vaccinated, monolingual students and their parents works out great. They get the explanations they need and is so helpful in retention of this student population!

Gabriela Discua, M.S.

Counselor / Instructor, General Counseling — Las Positas College

Chaffey College

Student Experience

Jose will be a new student at Chaffey College in summer 2022. With summer and fall registration around the corner, Jose successfully made an appointment via Cranium Cafe to meet with his counselor to complete a comprehensive education plan. Jose’s schedule is very limited due to currently being in high school; he was pleased to be able to meet with the counselor virtually during a convenient time for him. Jose feels confident and ready to begin his academic journey as a community college student!

Student Experience

Community College student Amanda Santiago successfully applied for her degree in Business Administration with the assistance of her counselor during a video appointment using Cranium Café.

Student Experience

Natalie had been struggling for two semesters with her courses. She made an appointment to see a counselor on Cranium Café to go over her options. After that meeting, Natalie has continued to meet with the counselor on a regular basis and has improved tremendously. Having access to a counselor online has been key in the student’s success. The student never has difficulty using the platform or making appointments.

Student Experience

Without having to wait for an appointment, Vanessa Cordero was able to meet with a counselor on the same day she needed assistance to ask questions about registration by using the virtual walk-in lobby.

Staff Experience

I don’t personally meet with students, however, I am in charge of building out the counselors’ schedules. I can’t think of a particular student because there have been many, but, I can think of how impactful ConexED has been throughout the process of changing to fully online and now providing some in-person appointments. From a scheduler’s perspective I have found that ConexED has been a great tool for our students to schedule their own appointments. The features are great and even though there have been times where I have had many questions they have always been addressed by ConexED in a timely manner. Especially you! I appreciate how much you have helped me understand the system and are always patient and willing to assist.

Bryanna Viramontes

Program Assistant, Career Center
Chaffey College

Staff Experience

As a college counselor, I use ConexED on a daily basis to assist students virtually. My overall experience has been very positive. My counseling sessions mirror an in-person session thanks to the amazing features available; I successfully share my screen with students as I develop education plans or when researching information on the web. I can easily share links and documents during the meeting and have the student engage by filling out or annotating on forms using the white board feature. 

The access students have to speak to a counselor whether it is by making an appointment, joining a walk- in lobby, or knocking on a virtual door is so incredible. I have been pleased with the support provided by ConexED and would highly recommend the system to other institutions.

Fabiola Espita

Counselor, Career Center
Chaffey College

Lake Tahoe Community College

Student Experience

ConexED has been extremely helpful in assisting our international students. Students are able to book video appointments in their time zone and are able to chat with a counselor for quick questions. We have a student who moved back to Japan during the pandemic and just completed his Psychology Transfer Degree. He was able to meet with a counselor regularly as if he were on campus and receive the support he needed to complete the degree online and in a different time zone. ConexED made him still feel connected to the college community.

Staff Experience

In addition, I have seen students use ConexED during important deadline time periods (such as CSU/UC application deadlines, or deadlines to withdraw from classes). Students who may live farther away or don’t have transportation are able to access support and help within minutes- saving them time, money and stress.

Sarah Marquez

Academic Counselor — Lake Tahoe Community College

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