Our Customers

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for it.

Read on to see how our amazing clients use our software to solve their on and off-campus problems. You will find that ConexED comes fully-featured “out of the box” but that our intuitive and creative clients have used our software from tracking COVID-19 immunizations and health and wellness regimes, to computer inventory management!

University of Pennsylvania and ConexED

The University of Pennsylvania has one of the largest athletic departments in the entire country. The Sports Performance department serves between 950 and 1,050 athletes per year, with 33 teams covered, and a staff of about 20 practitioners (give or take) who are charged with the massive undertaking of focusing on each student-athlete’s individualized needs.

Learn how The University of Pennsylvania solved the challenge of complex scheduling, meeting, and intake forms with ConexED.

Florida Polytechnic University

The Vice Provost of Florida Polytechnic University noticed the many redundant technologies they utilize on their campus was creating many roadblocks for students who were confused with which systems to use to get the help they needed. Additionally, it was difficult for staff to track and report on student engagement with fragmented systems that did not connect to cultivate a shared data experience. 

Learn how Florida Polytechnic University better streamlined their services and communication methods with our unified platform, and how our many integrations allowed them more time to ensure the success of their students. 

Fletcher Technical Community College

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Fletcher Technical Community College, like most schools, had to scramble to move operations online. Students who were suddenly removed from the campus saw that support services were bewildered and overwhelmed.

Learn how Fletcher was able to implement ConexED within a few weeks and solve the obstacles students and staff faced when navigating multiple platforms, and how these were eliminated by streamlining support services into one robust system.

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