The new normal–hybrid staff and students. Teleport your students to any school staff member in one-click.


The ConexED HUB bridges the gap between virtual and on-prem environments, helping students and staff meet when they need, how they need, and where they need – eliminating the need for separate systems. It’s time to meet students where they are, whether it’s a virtual or physical environment – the HUB provides a full 360 experience for students to use one standard platform for engagement.

Desktop HUB

Perfect for administrators, advisors, and front desk staff.

Using the ConexED desktop HUB, students can schedule, check-in, see their place in the queue, and make requests.

An ideal desktop tool to manage all walk-ins, scheduled appointments, and lobby logistics.

Freestanding HUB

The Freestanding HUB brings versatility and ease of use to your students where they are most likely to engage with your services.

From RSVP’ing to events, orientations, tracking attendance, scheduling appointments, recruitment functions & engagements, and even event logistics like vaccination screening. 

The ConexED freestanding HUB allows you to be where your students are when you can’t be there yourself. 


ConexED has partnered with ROOM! The ConexED Private ROOM HUB gives students a modern space to engage with their support services in an enhanced environment.

From 1:1 tutoring sessions, mental health counseling, financial aid meetings, and even meeting with a recruiter – our Private ROOM HUB provides students with a higher level of comfort knowing that their conversations are confidential. 

Being 100% FERPA & HIPAA compliant, institutions can engage with students in a place that’s safe and compliant for all parties, regardless of location or access. 

Placing in community centers, recruitment events, satellite campuses, or just in the library – this ROOM HUB acts as a space where students know the support they need is just through the door.

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