ConexED is the future of your student services management solution

ConexED fills the gaps left by technologies like Ellucian Advise, EAB Navigate, Starfish, Target X, and Slate.

See how ConexED fills the gaps in Case Management for Higher Education.

Filling in the Gaps

ConexED is a student-facing, all-in-one solution offering a comprehensive stack of features necessary for serving the students of today and tomorrow.

When implemented in addition to your current Case Management, ConexED will customize, onboard, and launch in as little as two weeks.

Because at ConexED, we believe that student success simply can’t wait.


ConexED’s cutting-edge case management is built in today’s top-level technology standards using bleeding-edge programming languages. It’s never siloed or modularized — all features and functions are built-in for a truly seamless experience.

Whether you are looking to replace your current Case Management technology or fill in the gaps ConexED conforms to the needs of your institution.


ConexED is 1/5 of the cost and fills in the gaps left by other Case Management technologies with over 80 additional features. When you join ConexED you are helping your staff serve more students with the personalized support they need to be successful.

ConexED is the most bang for your buck Case Management platform.

Why our partners love us

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