ConexED Outranks the Competition — See How

At ConexED we’ve created a future-forward solution that replaces all of the Student Services software on the market today.

And yes, we understand that we’re making a bold claim…
Which is why we’re going to prove it.

HigherED institutions need a one-stop-shop tool that can make staff day-to-day more efficient while being completely student centric. Just as importantly, they also need a technology partner that is nimble enough to keep up with the ever evolving times. A partner that can listen to their needs, create new features and update existing features in real time.

We have developed software to be completely customizable and to fit ANY student services set up. We will never limit your access to our technology and we will never tell you how you can or cannot use it.
What technologies can ConexED replace?

  • Video Conferencing and Communications Software
  • Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Case Management Softwares
  • CRM
  • Instant Messaging and SMS Software
  • Chatbots
  • And more

Put the power back into your staff’s hands so that they can help more students succeed.

See how we stack up by downloading our side-by-side comparison guide!

Lamar State College increased 800% in Day 1 of class registration using ConexED.

Real solutions come from real connections, and working harmoniously with other software suites.

In order for students to succeed, we must meet their developmental needs and consider all the different factors that impact their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

The whole student approach to education draws from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as foundational tenets for educators to provide students with a strong, supportive learning environment.

Everyone on the education team plays an essential role in helping students reach their full potential. ConexED supports student success initiatives that meet the needs of the whole student on many levels, ensuring their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

  • Financial Stability
  • Health & Mental Health
  • Support Networks

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for it.

Read on to see how our amazing clients use our software to solve their on and off-campus problems. You will find that ConexED comes fully-featured “out of the box” but that our intuitive and creative clients have used our software from tracking COVID-19 immunizations and health and wellness regimes, to computer inventory management!

Once we started using ConexED, (our) students could join a tutoring session from home, on a work lunch break, or even while nursing their baby, and save hours in their day.

Dr. Joshua Moon Johnson — Dean of Student Services, American River College

“As we have implemented ConexED across campus, we are finding that we are able to phase out many softwares that had been purchased by other departments. Not only is ConexED flexible in meeting our needs it will save us thousands of dollars in the long run by not renewing additional software subscriptions.”

— Jonathan T. Garrison
Director of Sandhills Promise & Scholarships
Sandhills College