ConexED Chat Bot

The ConexED Chatbot is integrated throughout your entire website, Libguides, and LMS. There is no limitation to the location, number of chats, and answers the ConexED Chatbot will provide as a one flat rate. The Auto-Answer technology allows the top quality answers to be displayed with zero staff effort or time.

Maximize your staff member’s time and effectively offer the best possible answers to your students. Be where your students are, throughout your website and within your LMS with any complicated integration APIs or decision tree customizations.

Check out what the ConexED Chat Bot can do!

Built with AWS Lexi AI — the most powerful AI / Machine Learning platform in the world!

  • Fully Automated Chat Responses
  • Integration in unique places Website, LMS, and LibGuides
  • Robust Reporting built for making student services business decisions
  • One flat rate for all integrations
  • Censorship FREE

ConexEd allows for accessibility for more people. Thanks to this software we are able to provide our services to students online. The support team has also been great and diligent with any questions or additional support we may need

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