How ConexED Helps Support Housing, Technology and Transportation Basic Needs

ConexED highly customizable and enterprise level software allows schools to provide more support for students and their families through our online scheduling, video conferencing and case management features. 

Basic Needs Assessments

The ConexED Basic Needs assessment makes it simple for staff to triage the needs of their incoming students. Once an assessment is taken a student is placed in the appropriate cohorts based on their answers, and staff is notified. With ConexED technology, departments can automate as much of the basic needs onboarding process as they want and automatically add their basic needs milestones right into their college roadmap. This ensures that from the beginning, staff and students are on the same page and the student’s basic needs are being met.

Finding Technology Support

Streamline the task of finding technology support for students by using the ConexED scheduling and video conferencing tools. If a student has a problem with their laptop, they can easily schedule an appointment with an on-campus tech from their phones, Campus Anywhere, or computer. On-Campus tech support can also select the times they wish to see students and if they’d rather set up a virtual meeting, in-person meeting, or even open up their virtual lobby for “walk-ins”. 

Housing and Transportation Support

Gaining access to housing and transportation support shouldn’t be difficult. Using the ConexED dynamic scheduler and video conferencing tools, staff can create a virtual lobby or a virtual calling card that students can use to speak with student services staff about their needs. Staff can help triage housing and transportation issues with students either virtually or in person by appointment. Our scheduler and video conferencing tools make it easy for staff to help students in real-time and streamline their day-to-day.

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