How ConexED is Helping Schools Support Child Care, Mental and Physical Health, Hygiene for their Students

With ConexED schools can help support access to health and wellness for their students; allowing the students to focus on their college success.

ConexED Supports Child Care Basic Needs

Using the ConexED scheduler, students can register their child for child care and schedule their daily pick-ups and drop-offs. Students can also connect with student services support to learn more about child care options and easily connect with the right support. 

Using the Business Intelligence reporting feature within ConexED, schools can run reports showcasing how many students benefitted from child care support and more.

Supporting Student Mental, Physical Health, and Hygiene

Students can get access to physical and mental health options at the click of a button and can access the support they need, from wherever they are. Using our Campus Anywhere solution, schools can facilitate virtual student counseling sessions and doctor’s appointments without students having to physically get to a doctor’s office. Our soundproof, FERPA-compliant booths provide a safe place for students to connect with support services when they need them. 

Using the ConexED scheduler and reason codes, students can also book appointments to an on-campus clothes closet, sign up for a group exercise class, or even reserve gym equipment. ConexED makes it easy for schools to support students’ basic needs without adding more of a burden to staff. 

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