Serving Students at the Basic Needs Level through ConexED

Backed by the Foundation for California Community Colleges, ConexED is the only software on the market that has the capabilities to support California colleges in providing for their students’ Basic Needs.

Supporting your students at the basic need level is essential to student success and degree completion. The three categories of basic needs are:

  • Food Security and Access to CalFresh
  • Housing, Transportation, and Technology Support
  • Child Care, Physical and Mental Health

Colleges can use 100% of their Basic Needs allocation to secure the ConexED platform.


Our students need support now more than ever.

The ConexED student-centered approach is helping California colleges’ Basic Needs Centers to streamline their support services and provide resources to more students.
Read The Basic Needs Initiative Senate Bill 129 here.

Serving the Social Determinants Categories of California Educational Success

Food Security and Access to Cal Fresh

ConexED is the ultimate solution for the on-campus management of CalFresh, food pantries, breakfast programs, and more. Our software allows colleges to streamline the eligibility process, manage inventory and automate scheduling.

Housing, Technology, and Transportation

Our Basic Need assessment makes it easier to support your students with their housing and transportation needs. Once completed, a student is automatically placed in the appropriate cohorts based on their needs. This automation allows staff to serve more students in less time.

Child Care, Mental & Physical Health, Hygiene

To empower your students to take control of their mental and physical health and hygiene, you must also support them in taking care of their children. The ConexED platform allows students to schedule child care, check-in, and check-out from appointments, and more

ConexED Campus Anywhere and Kiosks Solutions support students in gaining access to those Social Determines needed for Educational Success

ConexED is California Ready.

We’re helping California colleges expand their equity! 

Peralta Community College

“ConexED will be a game changer for how we interact with and serve our students both remotely and at campus. It will allow us to use one platform across many services to provide the students with a uniform and clean experience as they access the support they need.”

Gabriel Martinez, Counseling Chair at Peralta Community College District

Take a look

at how some of our current California partners are using ConexED…

Southwestern College

Student Experience

ConexED has been great for onboarding potential students. We had a student who had just graduated high school and needed assistance. We were closed due to the pandemic but the student was able to join the Virtual Welcome Center (ConxeED Lobby). There they were able to speak to an outreach staff member and receive the information they needed. We were also able to seamlessly send them to another department using the system and they were able to speak to a counselor immediately afterward. We would not have been able to create a warm handoff for students using email or zoom rooms. Being able to create a seamless experience helped alleviate the sudden closure we had to experience.

Staff Experience

The data integration with our SIS is also extremely useful. In one instance we had a student make contact with our admissions department, and through the chat a staff member was able to gauge that the student may be in crisis. They offered to transfer the student to our Mental Health Department and the student accepted. The student was able to speak to a mental health representative but unfortunately disconnected. Staff were able to pull the student information from their login and were able to make contact with the student.

Henry Flores

Data Software Specialist — School of Counseling & Student Support Programs at Southwestern Community College

Las Positas College

Student Experience

I worked with a returning student this week, who had taken a 6-year break, now a full-time mom to 2 children under 4 and deciding to slowly pursue nursing prerequisites. She was in awe of the online platform access that we were offering @ LPC Counseling and how easy it was to reach out about her questions. We broke the ice with a few giggles about the background play room she was sitting in, which offered the only table space she could watch “everything” from, and how comfortable she felt reviewing documents on the whiteboard, downloading the major change request form through the chat, and the share screen function in reviewing her Degree works progress in her general ed areas – all while holding her toddler.  This is 1 student who appreciated the access and functionality, from the comforts of her home.

Staff Experience

One of my online students before spring break (Last week), was a 1st gen student, had her parents next to her on the screen who were monolingual Spanish-speaking, and wanted to sit in on the visit. With permission from the student, we all met together to discuss major options @ LPC that she could pursue, and how to apply and get started. Having online counseling access for our non-vaccinated, monolingual students and their parents works out great. They get the explanations they need and is so helpful in retention of this student population!

Gabriela Discua, M.S.

Counselor / Instructor, General Counseling — Las Positas College

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