ConexED Business Intelligence Dashboard

Add to RSS Feed Introducing the ConexED Business Intelligence Dashboard Because predictive data analytics technology has been around for nearly a decade, the technology is antiquated at best, and with Covid-19 creating uncertainty throughout the entirety of modern campus life, the demand for new technology is paramount for student support services. To better address these … Read more

Returning to Campus Amidst Covid-19

Add to RSS Feed The Pandemic’s continuing impact on education As campuses across the country gear up for fall semester, uncertainty looms with COVID-19 cases once again on the rise. Witnessing the toll that remote education has had on many students throughout the pandemic, school administrators hope to prevent further learning loss and provide additional … Read more

The Continuing Case of College Dropouts

Add to RSS Feed The Continuing Case of College Dropouts and the Murky Middle Demographic One of the most alarming trends in higher education is a growing concern among college administrators nationwide: increasing college dropout rates. Data shows that 40% of newly enrolled first-year college freshmen drop out before graduation. Even students who involuntarily stop … Read more