Bringing Equity to HigherEd Through New ConexED Campus Anywhere

ConexED, a fast-growing, ed-tech company specializing in student success solutions, announced their partnership with the modern workspace design startup ROOM to produce the first ever Campus Anywhere. With the combination of ConexED technology and ROOM soundproof phone booths, the Campus Anywhere will allow equitable access to student support services wherever they are placed. This partnership … Read more

Returning to Campus Amidst Covid-19

The Pandemic’s continuing impact on education As campuses across the country gear up for fall semester, uncertainty looms with COVID-19 cases once again on the rise. Witnessing the toll that remote education has had on many students throughout the pandemic, school administrators hope to prevent further learning loss and provide additional mental health support. However, … Read more

The Continuing Case of College Dropouts and the Murky Middle Demographic

One of the most alarming trends in higher education is a growing concern among college administrators nationwide: increasing college dropout rates. Data shows that 40% of newly enrolled first-year college freshmen drop out before graduation. Even students who involuntarily stop going to college for a single semester have only a 30% chance of coming back … Read more

Compton Police Department | December Blog Post

Compton Police Department Utilizing ConexED Keeping Everyone Safe With over 2,000,000 student users on the ConexED platform, we have seen our Cafe Cards used in many different ways.  But, this one recently caught our attention. Like many other colleges, universities, and K-12 schools, Compton College utilizes ConexED across campus in multiple departments for student success … Read more

Cayuga and ConexED partner to provide better COVID testing resources – November Blog Post

Cayuga and ConexED Partner to Provide Better COVID Testing Resources This fall, ConexED teamed up with Cayuga Community College in New York to streamline key processes within their reopening plan. By engaging ConexED’s enterprise academic communication system as part of their required COVID-19 surveillance testing, Cayuga simplified labor-intensive tracking and scheduling practices, allowing them to … Read more

What’s New in ConexED? August Product Releases

August product releases were hyper-focused on creating smooth, uninterrupted user experiences. Having launched so many new features this year, we spent the month reviewing past designs and builds to make sure everything was in great working order. Our development team held what we affectionately called a “bugathon,” working weekends and into the night to get … Read more

How to Adapt Academic Advising to a Virtual Environment

Academic advisors adapt their approach based on the needs and strengths of individual students. In some cases, they may use multiple approaches during one advising appointment. But now, as more institutions announce fall 2020 plans for online or hybrid learning, advisors need to adapt their in-office methods to a virtual environment. The good news is … Read more

Campus Preparedness and Coronavirus

Higher Education Fall 2020 Readiness Survey Take the Survey & Share Your Insights ConexED is surveying higher ed staff and faculty about their readiness for fall 2020. We want to find out: How institutions plan to deliver instruction and student services for fall term What precautions institutions are putting in place for in-person instruction and … Read more

What’s New in ConexED? July Product Releases

What’s New in ConexED? July Product Releases This month, we began launching new features, updates, and bug fixes every other Thursday. Our goal: to continue adding and improving all the features you need to connect and engage with students. Here are the highlights from our July 9 and July 23 releases. ConexED iOS App 2.2.3 … Read more

3 Ways Colleges Are Reimagining Virtual Student Services

As U.S. colleges and universities explore their options for reopening in fall 2020, more than 65% are now planning for in-person instruction. But as they prepare to welcome students back, they’re also developing contingency plans for fully virtual campuses. While most schools have the infrastructure to manage and deliver online learning (an LMS, SIS, and … Read more

The Necessity of Virtual Admissions

The Necessity of Virtual Admissions In 2019, when prospective students applied for admission, no one had ever heard of COVID-19. Campus tours, overnight visits, and onsite orientations were a normal part of the college application and enrollment process. But in spring 2020, as virtual learning became a necessity at colleges and universities everywhere, so did … Read more