Creating More “Cindy Clark Moments”

What do you get from a person who had to overcome abandonment, abusive foster homes,  emancipation, surviving on the streets at the age of 15, and finally building up the courage to walk through the doors of Salt Lake Community College at 19 without a high school diploma? 

You get Tracy Gorham. Tracy is someone who has faced every disadvantage and found the skills to overcome major challenges to create a brighter future for herself. It is through those challenges that she was able to overcome and found her calling to support others that are going through the same things that she experienced. 

And to help her achieve this goal…

She created ConexED.

What is ConexED?

ConexED is a future-forward, higher education software designed to help schools meet students where they’re at. At the age of 19, Tracy walked into Salt Lake Community College with no high school diploma but knew that in order to advance and be successful she needed a college degree. 

Having never filled out a financial document or an application before, she found the application process completely overwhelming. At the brink of giving up, she found her mentor, Cindy Clark, an advisor at Salt Lake Community. Cindy Clark did more than just explain the paperwork– she walked Tracy through every step, sat in meetings with her, and helped her understand the choices that would transform the rest of her life. 

It was after this experience that Tracy pledged her life’s work to creating a system that would help give every student the same “Cindy Clark moment” that set her on the trajectory she’s on today. 

ConexED is the first Student Services Management platform of its kind.

What is an SSM?

The first of its kind, this higher education software combines every tool that a successful student services division uses into one fully customizable, enterprise platform. ConexED fully integrates with major SIS and LMS platforms to ensure that there is no double work and that all of the most important information is continuously updated everywhere, automatically.

Wave Goodbye to Unnecessary Tools

Your staff is tired of switching tools, and learning new tools only to have them not communicate with one another and muddy up their day-to-day with duplicate tasks. We save our partners time, money and resources by allowing them to get rid of 80% of their current tech stack and giving them complete access to the entire ConexED platform and all of its features for one price.

ConexED is the First to Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

We’re tired of higher education software companies serving up ghostware that over promises, and under delivers. In the end, that only hurts the students and those that have taken up the mantle to help them build a better future. 

If you implement ConexED and it doesn’t perform the way we promised, we will give you every dollar of your investment back. No strings attached.

It’s time to bring the future into today.

Stop piecing together clunky, and outdated technologies just to have them make everyone’s life more difficult. There is another way!

Streamline staff’s day-to-day so that they can help more students succeed and provide support for the whole student from onboarding to completion. 

Together we can achieve the goal of creating “Cindy Clark moments” for every student on every campus.