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At ConexED we believe student success cannot wait. Our Student Services Management Platform teleports students to the support they need no matter their ability or location all while streamlining staff day-to-day operations.

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We believe in equity and access to higher education for all students. We believe that it is our responsibility as an educational technology provider to build products that empower the whole student through easy-to-access features that onboard, support, and guide students through to completion so they can achieve their full potential.

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To help the whole student, the school needs the whole campus to be unified as one supportive collective using the only Student Services Management and Engagement Platform. Unifying the school with a single platform will simplify and improve the student experience by removing roadblocks that hinder students from accessing the support services they need when they need it. Unifying the school with a single platform will also remove redundant technologies, improve efficiency, streamline scheduling and communication, and enable the different departments and groups to function together to meet students where they are.

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ConexED is the Student Services Management Platform that unifies campus departments to bring the highest level of equity and access to all students. Our enterprise solution helps institutions track and manage students from onboarding to completion and ensures an equitable enrollment to graduation for all students regardless of ability or location. Deep analytical data is created within our platform that tells a personalized student journey from enrollment to completion. Using one platform, information is readily available to report on all level engagements, achievements, and segmentation based on basic needs and demographical data.

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