What’s New in ConexED? August Product Releases

August product releases were hyper-focused on creating smooth, uninterrupted user experiences. Having launched so many new features this year, we spent the month reviewing past designs and builds to make sure everything was in great working order.

Our development team held what we affectionately called a “bugathon,” working weekends and into the night to get the platform that much closer to perfection. In total, we released nearly 30 enhancements, as well as several new features, including those highlighted below.

Chat Statistics Report

With many schools shifting to fully virtual student services, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of chat sessions for student support. ConexED already had a Chat History Report, but we went further, creating a Chat Statistics Report that can be filtered by staff member and date range with usage stats for these fields:

  • Chats by staff
  • Chats by month
  • Chats by weekday
  • Chats by start time
  • Chats by meeting length
  • Chats that led to a Cafe meeting

A sample report shown below tallies the number of chats by weekday. A complete Chat Statistics Report includes sections for all fields listed above.

SIS File Uploads

Our new options for uploading files from your student information system make it more flexible to import SIS data. Here are three easy ways to get files from your SIS into ConexED:

  1. Self-Service Uploads. This option enables manual uploads with the ability to define how fields are mapped to the ConexED database schema, save mapping for future uploads, and check the progress/status of upload(s).
  2. Asynchronous Uploads. This option makes it possible to upload files in the background while you continue working in the platform. The system processes the upload, logging errors and the status of the job.
  3. API Uploads. This option provides a public API endpoint for single files or batch uploads. It uses the same field-level mapping as defined in the user interface.

Check back next month for a summary of September releases!

See ConexED in Action

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