What’s New in ConexED? July Product Releases

What’s New in ConexED? July Product Releases

This month, we began launching new features, updates, and bug fixes every other Thursday. Our goal: to continue adding and improving all the features you need to connect and engage with students. Here are the highlights from our July 9 and July 23 releases.

ConexED iOS App 2.2.3

We updated our iOS app for a more user-friendly experience. The app enables students, staff, and faculty to join virtual meetings and video conferences on their mobile devices.

The app provides:

  • Audio, video, and text chat functionality
  • Access to built-in tools like the whiteboard, document library, and digital signatures
  • Closed captioning and compatibility with major screen and text-to-speech readers

ConexED CEO Tracy Gorham said, “Our team worked diligently on this new version and I’m excited to make it available to users on the App Store.”

Expanded Browser Support

ConexED is now compatible with the latest versions of major web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Support for Safari is on the product roadmap for later in 2020. This means more flexibility to use your favorite tools and less confusion for students.

Institutions Hierarchy

For community college districts or higher ed systems with multiple schools, our new Institutions Hierarchy streamlines account administration and reporting. It gives district-level admins the ability to create scheduling exceptions, reason codes, and other shared settings for all related institutions. This saves time and ensures consistent, comprehensive data collection for reporting.

For example, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has nine colleges. District-level admins log in to ConexED via one central account. With the Institutions Hierarchy, they can now manage accounts and data on a systemwide level or choose individual institutions from a dropdown list as shown below.

This feature gives every ConexED customer with multiple schools the ability to run reports (e.g., how many students met with an academic advisor this month) for individual campuses or across every institution. Additionally, it gives faculty and staff who work for multiple schools in the same system the ability to schedule and host meetings through one centralized account—while providing a seamless experience for students.

ConexED Director of Customer Success Heather Lund said, “With our Institutions Hierarchy, districts can easily pull data for all schools, and make group setup consistent for students, faculty, and staff across institutions.”

Report Status Button & Email

A new button will show the status of the current report in your queue. When it’s ready, the status will change and you can then view the report.

Additionally, you can now run any type of new report, log out of the platform, and ConexED will send you an email with a link to the report once it’s complete. This resolves the issue some users experienced when the system timed out before lengthy reports were ready.

Check back next month for a summary of August releases!

See ConexED in Action

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