Students Services for the Digital Age

Which type of educational technology comes to mind when you hear the words “teaching and learning”? Like most faculty and staff, you probably think about your LMS. (Then, you think about the fidget spinner that got you through fall semester.)

But what about software for student services?

Your campus LMS is a central hub for virtual learning. The next step—if you’re serious about improving student engagement and retention—is a digital student services platform.

So, what is a digital student services platform?

Long answer: It’s educational technology designed to make student services more streamlined and accessible. It provides ADA and FERPA-compliant software for scheduling, meeting, messaging, collaborating, and reporting.

Short answer: It’s ConexED.

Connect students to the right help at the right time

Using a digital student services platform gives campus departments—from admissions to career services and every touch point in between—the ability to connect students to the right help at the right time.

By “right help,” we mean students know how and where to find and schedule appointments with academic advisors, financial aid counselors, tutors, faculty, and everyone on campus who provides the support they need to succeed.

And, students of all abilities, whether on-campus or online, can meet and collaborate with faculty and support staff virtually from any internet-connected device. (That checks the boxes for “right time” and “right place.”)

Check out the new ConexED website

Because it’s a new year (and that year is 2020), we refreshed our website to give higher ed administrators a better view of our vision for virtual student services.

Learn more about the ConexED digital student services platform at